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TCC Meeting Notes: Thursday, February 12, 2009

9:30 AM, meeting at Chinese Economic Develop Council (CEDC) at 65 Harrison Ave., 7th floor

Attendees: Barbara Rubel, Beverly Wing, Dennis Lui, Enoch Liao, Jane Leung, Kerry McGowan, Nilushka Nethisinghe, Richard Goldberg, Samuel Tsoi, Sherry Dong

Agenda Items

Outcomes/Action Items

I. Refreshments, Welcome, Introductions

II. Announcements

A. Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Part 4, Beverly Wing

· Boston providing EPP for past 3 years

RFP on January 26 due last Monday

o Application: choose 1 of 2 or both components:

Initiate new collaboration

Further education / outreach

TCC applied for both – $20,000 maximum. Grant period ends June 30.

o Work more closely with Coalition members and integrate EPP into curriculum, on-going activities.

Offer staff training

o Bring information out to another venue

Relied on press to get message out

Work with new constituency of youth, work with YES youth program, possible comic or video on YouTube or Facebook

o YES, AACA, Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center, BCNC on behalf of TCC

  1. CHNA Mini-grants, RFP will be issued soon, due in March, Sherry Dong

· Sherry is the link team leader for TCC to mini-grants

This year early issue one RFP as pooled funds

Only 1 application from TCC, so interested groups should contact Sherry

Due March (late)

Contact Sherry Dong if your group is interested in CHNA mini-grants

III. Organizational Update, Phillips Brooks House Association.

Kerry McGowan, PBHA’s Director of Programs

· PBHA is a student-run, staff-supported, non-profit

Governed by student cabinet, officers elected every year

· About 70+ programs – all volunteer

About 1,200 Harvard undergrads involved each year

Only student-run homeless shelter in the country is at Harvard Square

Prefers to run community-based programs

· Dual mission:

(1) Serve communities

(2) Train undergrads in non-profit management

· 12 staff supporting programs, don’t really handle operations

Serve as links to communities and as institutional memory with student turnover

Step in to address issues of liability, financial advisors, etc.

Kerry is 1 of 4 program directors but they just advise, don’t “direct”

· Funding

Budget is about $1.5 million annually. Raised by students, through grants, alumni, and some events.

· Talk about Chinatown programs (see handout)

6 programs which allow PBHA to serve Chinatown year-round

(1) Chinatown Afterschool Program

(2) Chinatown Big Sibling

(3) Chinatown Teen Program

(4) Chinatown Citizenship Program

(5) Chinatown ESL Program

(6) Chinatown Adventure (CHAD)

IV. Follow-up: Coalition Readiness Assessment, Nilushka Nethisinghe, Greater Boston Center for Healthy Communities

October 9: Nilushka came to administer Coalition Assessment Tool

Working with YES for a community prevention strategy and implementation

12 members filled out survey at regular meeting

Go over strengths and area concerns

A. Coalition Structure

Challenge: agreement in current org chart may be refined by not comprehended

Unclear on decision-making process

B. Coalition Capacity

Half of the members unsure if coalition actively engaged all members

Unclear difference between paying and non-paying members

Should engage more residents, business members

C. Community


o All members agree TCC works actively in the community

o Use resources in TCC and community

o Did not intentionally collect data on substance abuse


o Half of the members felt substance abuse issue

o Majority members agree substance abuse control needs more work

D. TCC Readiness

Members well-networked, understood community

Participation in members

Agree community is aware of TCC presence

Nilushka provided document with more information

o Member direction

o Mission / vision

o History / accomplishments

o Engage members in strategic information

o Clear defined roles, dues

o Update decision process

o New and seasoned members more interaction


o Good that TCC invited David Moy to talk to new members re: background

o Make membership dues more clear

Confusing. Good to have clear payment structure.

Beverly: Historically there were 2 membership levels.

o Full membership, dues paying – must attend 4 meetings before

o Associate membership – non-voting

We wanted TCC to stay welcoming / open, so didn’t make a big deal about dues.

Next Steps

o Exec Committee come back with something, even if just materials as a starting point.

o Pursue funding sources for staff.

o Include next Executive meeting dates in future agendas.

Exec Committee come back with something, pursue funding sources for staff

V. Announcements:

  1. Focus Group
  2. Tufts Organization Update, Sharewood Clinic
  3. CEDC – space available on 5th floor – incubation space for small businesses, discounted prices

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ BCNC 4th floor Conference Room