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TCC Meeting Notes: Thursday, May 14, 2009

9:30 AM, meeting at BCNC, 4th floor conference room.

Attendees: Amy Li, Angela Sun, Anna Tse, Chien-Chi Huang, Chin-Wen Lee, David Mashburn, David Vo, Debbie Ho, Elaine Ng, Emily Wu, Enoch Liao, Karen Gately, Kenny Wong, Kerry McGowan, Kun Chang, Kye Liang, Leslie Davol, Linda Wells, Lydia Lowe, Megan Cheung, Norman Ng, Pamela Lee, Richard Chin, Richard Goldberg, Sam Davol, Samuel Tsoi, Sherry Dong, Shirley Mark, Sophia Kim, Weijie Huang

Agenda Items

I.    Refreshments, Welcome, Introductions

II.    The Chinatown Lottery Agent Outreach Project
, presentation by Janice Wong and Yin Lin

–    A community-based field study done by Tufts students under the supervision of the Mass. Council on Compulsive Gambling. The goals of the Project include providing outreach and information to Chinatown lottery agents regarding the Council and its services, as well as collecting and compiling preliminary data for future research and outreach efforts.
–    Refer to attachment of presentation.

III.    Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) by Parents/Professional Advocacy League Chinese Outreach Coordinator Chien-Chi Huang

–    A state-wide initiative to create and provide community-based mental health services for Children and Youth who are on MassHealth. There are 29 community service agencies contracted to hire and train family members of children with mental and behavioral health issues, and to help those family members become mentors for other similarly situated families.
–    Service agencies working directly with Chinese families should be made aware of the Initiative and of its efforts to help inform and recruit family members.
–    See attachments for more information.

IV.    Panel Discussion: Issues Facing Chinatown Youth

–    Boston Asian Y.E.S. (David Vo, Kenny Wong)
–    Boston Chinese Evangelical Church (Enoch Liao)
–    Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (Sophia Kim)
–    Castle Square Tenants Organization Youth Education Program (Linda Wells)
–    Phillips Brooks House (Weijie Huang, Amy Li, Angela Sun)
–    Wang YMCA of Chinatown (David Mashburn, Richard Chin)
–    Chinese Progressive Association (Lydia Lowe)

1.    Define the population that your organization serves.
2.    What issues, challenges, strengths, and emerging needs do you see?
3.    What is a take-away for TCC, providers who care about the community?

Summary of discussion:
–    Common issues: youth violence; health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual); self-esteem; communication; disengagement in school; family; theft; financial concerns

–    Take-aways: Give youth options about what they can do vs. telling them what to do; Opportunities for adults to cross generation lines and interact with young people; Teen jobs will be cut from state budget; Raise up youth to develop new leadership within the community.

V.    Announcements, Updates, and Kaffeeklatsch

A.    Adult Education and Literacy Awareness Week: May 18-22 (Richard Goldberg)
–    Exhibit in Tufts Medical Center Atrium

B.    AACA Educational Pathway Chart by Chinatown Community Educational Partnership (Richard Goldberg)
–    See attachment. Would like to present at June TCC meeting.
–    Refer tech-savvy / graphic designers to Richard Goldberg.

C.    Chinatown Storefront Library (Friends of Chinatown Library) – Sam and Leslie Davol
–    Hope to set up temporary Chinatown neighborhood library in vacant storefront.

D.    Master Plan 2010 Survey
–    See attachment. EDs and Front-line workers should fill out the survey and e-mail responses to or to

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 11, 2009 @ BCNC 4th floor Conference Room.