TCC Meeting Notes
Thursday, December 9th, 2010
9:30 AM, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, 4th Floor

I. Refreshments, Welcome, and Introductions

II. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, Linda Jonash
• Noted construction of Mary Soohoo Park and 120 Kingston Street adjacent to Chinatown Park starting proj. in the spring; conservancy to maintain activity during construction period
• Chrysanthimum plantings, large external planters
• Looking to install park furniture and more palntings in the spring
• Proposing installation of 10 large planters and a number of 6-seat metal tables and umbrellas in spring
• Possible future pavilion, max 20’x20’ to be installed in front of the former Dynasty

III. Josiah Quincy Elementary School, Simon Ho
• Presently 820 students at Josiah Quincy School, approx. 60% Chinese, 18% Hispanic, 7% Caucasian, 5% African American/Haitian
• Seeks constant diverse parental input in decisions by hosting secondary parent meetings in other languages
• Enhanced art/music instruction, in programming and partnerships such as Conservatory students playing at lunch at the cafeteria
• Present partnerships with YMCA and Tufts for facilities

IV. Parcel 24 Update, Asian Community Development Corporation and New Boston Development Partners
• Design changed, all for-profit units to be rental
• Estimated new allocation of units to be 31% 1BR, 54% 2BR, and 16% 3BR
• NPC to be filled soon with BRA for project
• Consolidated all parking to 4 levels underneath main structure instead 2 levels of running through whole development
o This results in a larger space available for open space
o Reduces traffic activity at residential section of Hudson Street

V. Announcements, Updates, and Kaffeeklatsch

Preview of next meeting’s topics

CNC Safety Committee Report, Barbara Rubel

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 13th, 9:30 AM @ BCNC 4th floor Conference Room