Daily Archive for July 11th, 2011

Chinatown Library Start-Up Manager

Friends of the Chinatown Library seeks to hire a Start-Up Manager for a Chinatown Cultural Center.  Our vision is to develop a community-based cultural center and multi-purpose space with library, cultural, and community programming.  The Start-Up Manager will be responsible for all facets of project start-up, including developing partnerships, fundraising, working with The Chinatown Coalition’s Project Coordinator to oversee the build-out of the facility, program development and implementation, and volunteer recruitment and management.

* Create and implement project budget and fundraising plan for first three years
* Establish programming partnerships and manage the execution and oversight of pilot and permanent programs
* Develop volunteer recruitment, development and management program
* Develop and manage a staffing plan
* Design and implement data tracking systems for community constituent-driven service delivery
* Work in partnership with The Chinatown Coalition’s Project Coordinator to develop a physical cultural center facility
* Business and/or project start-up and project management experience
* Fundraising experience
* Program design and scaling experience
* Strong organizational, management, and communication skills
* Attention to detail
* Enthusiasm for the vision of a Chinatown Cultural Center
* Proven ability to lead and motivate diverse groups and individuals
* A strong self-starter who also works well in a team environment

$35,000 to $40,000 for one year, commensurate with experience.  Full-time position with benefits.
Interested candidates should email resume and cover letter by July 20, 2011 to cynthia.wong@bcnc.net.  Please indicate position interested.
Friends of the Chinatown Library is a project of The Chinatown Coalition.  Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) is the fiscal agent.  BCNC is an equal opportunity employer

Project Proposals for 2011-2012 Tisch Scholars for Citizenship and Public Service

(Deadline has been extended.)

Dear Community Partner,

This letter is an invitation to submit a project proposal for the

2011-2012 Tisch Scholars for Citizenship and Public Service

(Tisch Scholars) Program. Submitting a proposal will allow your project to be considered for the assignment of a Tisch Scholar to work with your organization for 6-8 hours per week during the academic year.  The Tisch Scholars Program is a highly selective leadership development program in active citizenship for undergraduate students at Tufts University. Tisch Scholars work in the community on projects at nonprofits, schools and government agencies.  We are looking forward to another year with engaged Scholars, outstanding community partners and strong projects. As you develop your agency’s Tisch Scholars project proposal, consider ways that Tisch Scholars can partner with you on particular initiatives within your organization and/or broader community.

An ideal Tisch Scholar project addresses a community identified need, has clearly identified goals and desired outcomes, and is a learning and leadership opportunity for the student.  We will review all project proposals received by the deadline of June 27. Projects that match the Tisch Scholars program criteria (see attached program description and detailed criteria) will be placed on a “projects menu” that will be sent to first year Scholars.  The Scholars will rank their project options, and based on what we know about each partner and student, Tisch staff will facilitate a match in late summer. Once projects are matched with Scholars, you will be informed regarding if your project was selected. If it was, you will be given the student contact information and more detailed program information, and the student will be given the project supervisor’s contact information and instructions to be in touch at the start of the fall semester. If your project was not selected by a Tisch Scholar, Tisch staff will work with you to facilitate an alternative means for Tufts student involvement.

All first year Tisch Scholars are sophomores who were selected for the program in the fall of the freshman year from a large pool of applicants.  Criteria included previous civic engagement in high school; leadership skills and potential; and dedication to social change.  In the spring, each student completed the program’s foundation course, “Education for Active Citizenship”.  I, along with other Tisch College staff will work with you to insure the success of the project for both you and the Scholar.

I have included a template for you to submit your Tisch Scholars project proposal for inclusion on the project menu. I have also attached a listing of the first year Scholars who will be selecting projects from the menu and their interests. This list may serve as an inspiration for you as you develop a potential project, or you may choose not to utilize it at all.


Timeline for 2011-2012 Tisch Scholars Request for Project Proposals:

June 27 Project Proposals due to tischcollegesubmissions@tufts.edu

July 15 – Aug. 12 Scholars review project menu and rank preferences

Aug. 24 Scholars and Community partners matched

If you have any questions about this project proposal process, feel free to contact me at sara.allred@tufts.edu or 617-627-5666. Thank you for your partnership in this process.


Sara Allred
Scholars Program Coordinator
Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service
Tufts University


HHS and Medicare Officials Meet with Chinese Elders in Chinatown

Boston MA – On Thursday July 14, U.S. HHS Regional Director Christie Hager, CMS Boston Regional Administrator Jaye Weisman, MA Elder Affairs Secretary Ann Hartstein and Peter Chan, Regional Manager of the Office for Civil Rights, will participate in a presentation for Chinese Elders about preventive services that are now available to Medicare beneficiaries thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Hager, Weisman and Hartstein will also be joined by USDA Food and Nutrition Services Registered Dietician Heather Healey who will discuss MyPlate to help consumers make better food choices.

Christie Hager, Regional Director,
Region 1, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Peter Chan, Regional Manager, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Region 1
Jaye Weisman, Regional Administrator, Boston and New York Regional Offices, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Ann Hartstein, Secretary, Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs
Heather Healey, Registered Dietician, Regional Office, USDA Food and Nutrition Services

WHEN: Thursday July 14, 2011, 12:30 pm

WHERE: Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center, Quincy Tower, 5 Oak Street West, Boston, MA 02116

Kun Chang
Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center
75 Kneeland Street, Suite 204
Boston, MA 02111
617-357-0226 Ext 264