Friends of the Chinatown Library seeks to hire a Start-Up Manager for a Chinatown Cultural Center.  Our vision is to develop a community-based cultural center and multi-purpose space with library, cultural, and community programming.  The Start-Up Manager will be responsible for all facets of project start-up, including developing partnerships, fundraising, working with The Chinatown Coalition’s Project Coordinator to oversee the build-out of the facility, program development and implementation, and volunteer recruitment and management.

* Create and implement project budget and fundraising plan for first three years
* Establish programming partnerships and manage the execution and oversight of pilot and permanent programs
* Develop volunteer recruitment, development and management program
* Develop and manage a staffing plan
* Design and implement data tracking systems for community constituent-driven service delivery
* Work in partnership with The Chinatown Coalition’s Project Coordinator to develop a physical cultural center facility
* Business and/or project start-up and project management experience
* Fundraising experience
* Program design and scaling experience
* Strong organizational, management, and communication skills
* Attention to detail
* Enthusiasm for the vision of a Chinatown Cultural Center
* Proven ability to lead and motivate diverse groups and individuals
* A strong self-starter who also works well in a team environment

$35,000 to $40,000 for one year, commensurate with experience.  Full-time position with benefits.
Interested candidates should email resume and cover letter by July 20, 2011 to  Please indicate position interested.
Friends of the Chinatown Library is a project of The Chinatown Coalition.  Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) is the fiscal agent.  BCNC is an equal opportunity employer