Monthly Archive for November, 2011

New Face of Parent Engagement

Thursday, November 3, 4pm
Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, 885 Washington Street, Boston

How can low-income, non-English speaking parents become advocates, leaders and role models in their children’s schools and communities? BCNC invites you to a learning forum where Soo Hong, assistant professor of education at Wellesley College and Joanna Brown, community organizer and a parent from the Logan Square Neighborhood Association in Chicago will present a nationally recognized innovative approach to parent engagement that has transformed families and communities. BCNC Family Services director Yoyo Yau and BCNC parent leader will also be sharing their experiences with training parents. Contact Joann Yung 617-635-5129 ext.1054.

Download flyer for event: New Face Parent_Engagement_Forum – 2011 11 03

Boston Housing Authority Volunteer Interpreters Program

Boston Housing Authority Volunteer Interpreters Program

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA), the largest public housing authority in New England and whose mission is to provide affordable housing, is looking for student volunteers to interpret for the BHA residents and housing applicants. Ideal candidates are individuals who are energetic, patient and proficient in English and one of the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Cape Verdean, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Italian, Khmer, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese. It is a volunteer (no pay) position, but it will be a great opportunity to work on your language and interpretation skills, and to learn about housing policies that impact low and moder-ate income, elderly, and disabled persons. Volunteer interpreters will receive training and serve on an on-call basis (about 10 hours a month). If you are interested in becoming a volunteer interpreter, please contact:

Ms. Sheyla Carew at
Ms. Johane Alexis-Phanor at or call 617-988-4032

TCC Meeting: October 13, 2011 notes

Notes from the TCC October 13 meeting:

1. Elliot Laffer, Executive Director of the Boston Groundwater Trust gave an overview and history of groundwater in Boston and how this affects communities in Chinatown, South End, Bay Village, and Beacon Hill. Many of these communities are land-fill and buildings are supported by wooden pilings. Overtime, groundwater levels drop and exposes the pilings. The exposed pilings combine with oxygen and bacteria may cause damage to the pilings. The Boston Groundwater Trust works with the City to ensure that groundwater levels are adequate and checks on the well system in the area. Presentation available here for download: Groundwater issues in Chinatown.

2. Jon Lenicheck, District Director, Office of Congressman Michael E. Capuano, talks about redistricting and how this impacts local communities. Redistricting occurs every decade to balance population representation at U.S. House of Representatives. While Massachusetts population grew the last decade, the state did not grow fast enough compared to other states. District lines will need to be redrawn. Hearings have been held throughout the year and the goal is complete the process by January 2012.

3. Holly St. Clair, Director of Data Services, Metropolitan Area Planning Council, presents Census 2010 data and the growth of the Asian population in Massachusetts and Chinatown. A copy of the presentation is available here: Census 2010 Asian Trends – MAPC

- Kensington groundbreaking Oct 14 2pm
- Parcel 24 Funding Announcement Oct 17 9am
- Beach Street closed due to falling debris from building facade. National Development will be at Chinatown Neighborhood Council Oct 17th 6pm to update community.
- Alice Leung introduced herself as new staff for Cultural Center. Ms. Leung is working on opening a reading room at Oak Terrace 888 Washington Street.