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Minutes: April 2015 TCC Meeting

The Chinatown Coalition

Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2015  9:30 AM

Present: Kerry McGowan, Angie Liou, Nicholas You, Enoch Liao, Kenny Wong, Dawn Sauma, Christopher Blackler, Huiling Chen, Courtney Ho, Helen Wong, Helen Chin Schlichte, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Christina Ayala, Kate Chang, Russell Fenton, Sherry Dong, Mark Liu, Ling Mei Wong, Richard Goldberg

Captain Kenny Fong, Boston Police Department, District A-1

- Kenny has served in police for 20 years. Been captain since April 2014.

- Prostitution has dropped in recent years. But some of those elements have been moved online and into massage parlors.

- Not much crime in Chinatown, especially compared to 10-15 years ago.

- What is an issue that takes significant amount of police resources for Chinatown? Homelessness and how that relates to drugs. We made over 3,000 arrests last year. We keep displacing drug dealers, but we’re also making the same arrests.

- Diversity stats: BPD has about 50 Asian officers. 18 of them assigned to A-1.

- How can Chinatown community members help? Call 911 if see anything. Join a local crime watch group. Donate to good organizations and avoid giving to panhandlers as they most often use money for drugs or alcohol.

Feel free to contact Captain Fong or others at BPD.


Adult Education Update: Kerry McGowan, Phillips Brook House Association (PBHA)

-          Student run, staff supported program.  PBHA is its own non-profit affiliated with Harvard University

-          ESL Classes

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings class
  • Saturday and Sunday classes
  • 200 learners
  • 5 levels, each level has two classes (One Mandarin, One Cantonese)

-          Citizenship

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • 200 learners
  • Curriculum mostly focused on 100 questions

-          Semester is 10 weeks

-          Most students middle aged and seniors

-          Open enrollment for classes.  To sign up, e-mail:


Minutes: February 2015 TCC Meeting

The Chinatown Coalition

Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2015     9:30 AM

Present: Bet Har Wong-Chan, Kun Chang, Richard Goldberg, Joan Abbot, Paige Gunning, Angie Liou, Ziyu Zhou, Christopher Blackler, Mary Higgins, Peggy Ings, Ross Cameron, Claire Dynes, Russell Fenton, Kate Chang, Sherry Dong, Terry Yin, Mark Liu, Nancy Liu, Helen Wong, Ling Mei Wong, Nelson Kiang

Peggy Ings from Emerson College as well as architects from Elkus Manfredi presented two Emerson building projects.  The Little Building, at the corner of Boylston and Tremont Streets, will be closed in May 2017 to undergo significant renovation to bring it up to code.  When completed in the summer of 2019, its dorm capacity will increase from 750 students to 1044.  The 1-3 Boylston Place will be a new construction project that will begin April 2015 and be complete by summer of 2017.  This building will provide 379 dorm beds.  To minimize the impact on nearby neighborhoods including Chinatown, Emerson is working on a temporary relocation plan to house the students that will be displaced during the Little Building renovation.

Richard Goldberg reported that the yearlong presentation from various CCEP Adult Education organizations has come to an end, but that he wanted to hear from the group what adult education gaps they believe still need serviced, and what other adult education presentations the group would be interested in seeing in the future.  Suggestions included statistics on demographics of adult education learners, definition of “career readiness”, and bridging soft skills and cultural issues new immigrants may encounter but not necessarily covered by any specific adult education or counseling program.

Agenda: April 2015 TCC Meeting

Date: April 9, 2015
Location: BCNC, 38 Ash St., Boston, MA 02111


1) Introductions and Welcome

2) Introduction to District A-1 Police Captain and Sergeant, Captain Kenny Fong and Sergeant James Chin

3) Adult Education Update, Kerry McGowan, Harvard University Phillip Brooks House Association

4) Other Business/Announcements

Agenda: March 2015 TCC Meeting

Date: March 12, 2015
Location: BCNC, 38 Ash St., Boston, MA 02111


1) Introduction and Welcome

2) Introduction to City of Boston Office of New Bostonians, Alejandra St. Guillen, Director

3) Liberty Tree Park Update, Allison Perlman, Project Manager, Boston Parks and Recreation Department

4) CCEP Adult Education Update, Anna Fan, Executive Director, American Chinese Christian Education and Social Services (ACCESS)

5) Other Business/Announcements

Agenda: February 2015 TCC Meeting

February 12, 9:30-11am
BCNC, 38 Ash Street, Boston, MA 02111

1) Introduction and Welcome

2) Emerson College Little Building Renovation and 1-3 Boylston Place Project, Peggy Ings, Emerson College

3) CCEP Adult Education Discussion – Richard Goldberg, Asian American Civic Association

4) Other Business/Announcements