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Support Letter for Chinatown Library

On behalf of the Chinatown Library Committee,

Community members are invited to send in letters of support for the next stage of working towards a Chinatown branch library. One way is to sign on to this letter of support below.

If you’d like to sign on to this letter, please contact Carolyn Rubin at carolyn.rubin(at) by Friday, May 6, 2016.

-Chinatown Cultural Center Committee/Friends of the Chinatown Library (Carolyn Rubin, Lydia Lowe, Kim Situ, Vivian Wu-Wong, Eugenia Beh, Allistair Mallilin, Rosann Tung)


Letter of Support 

Dear. Mayor Walsh, Dan Koh, and Jerome Smith:


We wish to thank you for putting a new feasibility and strategic planning study for a Chinatown library into the proposed capital budget.


We are community organizations and leaders representing a broad consensus in the Chinatown community in support of a public library branch for Chinatown. As you know, Chinatown is one of the few Boston neighborhoods which has been without a library since the 1950s.


For the past decade or more, the youth of Chinatown have revived and continued to advance the call for bringing a library back to Chinatown. In 2007, the City commissioned a feasibility and siting study for a Chinatown library, but progress was stymied by the recession that followed.


The Friends of the Chinatown Library, in various stages called the Chinatown Lantern Committee and the Chinatown Cultural Center committee, partnered with Boston Street Lab to pilot an innovative pop-up approach to urban library space and then with the BPL’s Copley Square facility and Asian CDC to develop the Oak Terrace Reading Room.


We have been heartened by Mayor Walsh’s commitment to develop a permanent branch of the BPL for Chinatown and see the China Trade Center, a BRA-owned building with several community offices, as a potential site for the library which can serve as an important anchor site on Chinatown’s border with downtown. With much development activity in the area, we believe there are opportunities to take a public/private approach to creating a library for the community.


The new feasibility and strategic planning study which you are currently proposing is an important step in helping us get to the community’s vision of a Chinatown library.  Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to continuing to work with you on this issue.



Friends of the Chinatown Library/Chinatown Cultural Center

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Minutes: April 14, 2016

TCC Meeting April 14, 2016

Attendees: Anita Mourina, Ying Xue, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Sara Brown, DB Reiff, Pasang Drolma, Christopher Blackler, Annie Chin-Louie, Debby Wiesen, Mark Liu, Kun Chang, Connie Cheng, Jing Qiu, Huiling Chen, Angie Liou, Kate Chang, Fred Bennett, Sherry Dong, Enoch Liao, Helen Chin-Schlitche, Christina Ayala.

  1. Introductions & Welcome
  2. ACCESS Update – Pasang Drolma, Executive Director of ACCESS introduced herself and presented some recent developments in their programming and plans.
  3. Chinatown Library Update – Mark Liu presented on behalf of the Chinatown Library Committee. Call to action to send letters of support to the Mayor thanking him for his support and to urge him to consider the China Trade Center site for the feasibility study for a potential library location.
  4. International Institute of New England – Anita Mourino introduced herself and IINE to the community. They’re moving into the China Trade Center, and also using space in AACA.
  5. Pathways to Success – Fred Bennett presented on behalf of BCNC and CCEP the adult education pathways towards academic or career success.
  6. Boston City Councilor Esaibi-George, was to present, but we had to reschedule to a future meeting.
  7. Job Fair Announcement: April 27, 2016, 11am-1pm at SEIU 32BJ District Union Hall, 26 West Street, Boston, MA 02111. With almost 40 employers represented. Encourage people to come with resumes. RSVP at For questions, email