About TCC

The Chinatown Coalition (TCC) is a group of organizations, institutions, and individuals who share a common desire to serve Boston’s Chinatown Community and provide a forum for discussion, collaboration, and resource sharing.

Since its inception, TCC has served as a vehicle for information sharing and a forum for community issues. TCC has enabled members to address issues of mutual concern such as welfare and immigration reform, economic development, public safety, public health and quality of life issues. An original member of the Healthy Boston Initiative, TCC continues to an active member of Healthy Boston Coalitions.

TCC is open to everyone and encourages members to participate in monthly meetings which also provide an opportunity for community members and organizations to discuss issues that impact the community.

The Coalition works by consensus and maintains an executive committee which is elected annually by TCC members. As a volunteer-driven organization, TCC relies on the time and commitment of individuals and organizations to support our work. We encourage all those who are interested to join.

The Chinatown Coalition elects an Executive Committee annually. The Executive Committee provides administrative support for all of TCC’s activities and organizes the agenda for meetings, taking input and ideas for agenda items from all TCC members and the greater Chinatown community.

The Committee typically consists of two co-chairs, a treasurer, and a secretary, all of whom are elected by the TCC membership. Any member is welcome to join Executive Committee meetings and suggest agenda items.