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Updates from January 2021 Meeting: COVID Update and Vaccine FAQ

Meeting Highlights

The Chinatown Coalition
January  14 @ 9:30 AM

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our January meeting. We especially thank Helen Boucher, MD, Chief, Division of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases, from Tufts Medical Center for joining us and sharing with us the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and information surrounding the vaccine.

To view Dr. Boucher’s PowerPoint slides, please see here.

For more information on the vaccine, please see these two FAQs: EnglishChinese.

Thank you. Stay safe and healthy.

Updates from April 2020 Meeting: Census and Relief Fund for Asian Americans

Meeting Highlights

The Chinatown Coalition
April 9 @ 9:30 AM

Glad to see over 30 people join our first online TCC meeting. We especially thank Mayor Walsh and Councilor Flynn for joining us, along with many other dedicated public officials.

Census 2020
Chinese Language Resources

To take the Census remotely, including getting Chinese language help with questions about filling out the form and confidentiality, please see these two flyers and distribute them as needed.

Taking the Census Remotely

Taking the Census Remotely (Chinese version)

For videos in various languages on taking the Census, see here.

Asian Community Emergency Relief Fund

If you or your family member have tried applying for other benefits but are ineligible, you might qualify for a gift card from the Asian Community Emergency Relief Fund.

To apply, please call our hotline during Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

  • Cantonese: 617-681-5416
  • Mandarin: 617-902-0342
  • Khmer: 617-952-4556
  • Vietnamese: 617-701-6028

All lines also speak English.

If you would like to learn more or donate to Asian Community Emergency Relief Fund, go here.

Other Community Resources

During the meeting, various other groups offered to help. See contact list below:

Boston Dept of Neighborhood ServicesLisa Hy
Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Advancement
Office of Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn
Tufts UniversityLiza Perry, Community Relations

Sorry if you offered resources during the meeting but you’re not included here. We didn’t save all the chat history so had to reconstruct this list from memory. If you would like to have your info included on TCC’s website, let us know.


Minutes: May 12 Meeting

Agenda for May 12, 2016 Meeting from 9:30-11am at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

1) Introduction & Welcome
2) Project Update: Parcel 24 (Angie Liou, Asian Community Development Corporation)

  • Angie Liou presented an update as construction on phase 2 of the development just began for the southern portion of the project.
  • Probably a 16 month construction job, aiming to be ready by fall of 2017
  • Housing lottery applications will come out, probably next spring.
  • We regret the impact on parking, as the narrow streets of an urban environment make this a part of the reality of construction.
  • If you have concerns or question about parking or other issues, you can contact these:

    For job site related issues and logistics:
    Bill Caci 617-510-0222

    For Chinese assistance:
    May Lui 617-482-2380

3) Wendy Lee, Executive Director for South Cove Manor

  • Gave an informal presentation and introduction to herself, and to South Cove Manor at Quincy Point.
  • This coming May is the 2nd anniversary of that facility.

4) CCEP Update (Marianie Simeon, Chinatown Adult Education Pathway web site designer)

5) Announcements

  • Asian Resource Fair on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 (
  • Chinatown Atlas website launch event
  • Sunday, May 29 at 2:30 and 7:30pm for cultural presentations with dragons, lion dance, folk dance,
  • Annual Chinatown Bike-a-Thon on June 18, 2016 as a fundraiser for CPA’s youth program. Support on Fundrise.
  • Spring Tea Time for ACCESS on Sunday at 2pm.

Minutes: April 14, 2016

TCC Meeting April 14, 2016

Attendees: Anita Mourina, Ying Xue, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Sara Brown, DB Reiff, Pasang Drolma, Christopher Blackler, Annie Chin-Louie, Debby Wiesen, Mark Liu, Kun Chang, Connie Cheng, Jing Qiu, Huiling Chen, Angie Liou, Kate Chang, Fred Bennett, Sherry Dong, Enoch Liao, Helen Chin-Schlitche, Christina Ayala.

  1. Introductions & Welcome
  2. ACCESS Update – Pasang Drolma, Executive Director of ACCESS introduced herself and presented some recent developments in their programming and plans.
  3. Chinatown Library Update – Mark Liu presented on behalf of the Chinatown Library Committee. Call to action to send letters of support to the Mayor thanking him for his support and to urge him to consider the China Trade Center site for the feasibility study for a potential library location.
  4. International Institute of New England – Anita Mourino introduced herself and IINE to the community. They’re moving into the China Trade Center, and also using space in AACA.
  5. Pathways to Success – Fred Bennett presented on behalf of BCNC and CCEP the adult education pathways towards academic or career success.
  6. Boston City Councilor Esaibi-George, was to present, but we had to reschedule to a future meeting.
  7. Job Fair Announcement: April 27, 2016, 11am-1pm at SEIU 32BJ District Union Hall, 26 West Street, Boston, MA 02111. With almost 40 employers represented. Encourage people to come with resumes. RSVP at For questions, email

Minutes: January 2016 TCC Meeting

January 14, 2016. 9:30am
Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Inc.
Attendees: Sherry Dong, Angie Liou, Christopher Blackler, Anna Fan, Fred Bennet, Kun Chang, Michelle Li, Barbara Rubel, Courtney Ho, Joan Abbot, Richard Goldberg, Megan Cheung, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Annie Chin-Louie, Dion Irish, Kate Chang, Dion Irish, Mark Liu, Carrie Tang, Ling-Mei Wong.

Meeting notes:
Boston Elections Department: Update/Introduction
Dion has served in various – city departments
Updating Ward & Precinct Lines. Boston has not seriously considered our
addresses and voting wards and precincts for 90 years- not since 1924. We’ve
been busy doing a city wide review. Just this week, we’ve completed
comprehensive review over past 6 months. This included updating addresses,
moving 3 precinct lines. For example, one precinct line went through the middle
of a building that didn’t exist when they drew the line. We put out press release
this past Tuesday. We are confident on our new ward and precinct lines. We’ll
generate new maps shortly. This re-precincting was more housekeeping and
-Overall vision for department: engaging, innovative, modern. And to continue
building on great partnerships with different organizations.
-Increase voter turnout – we don’t own it, but we own a piece of the pie to
increase turnout.
- We are welcoming ideas from anyone and get them on the table!
Almost every community in the Commonwealth is required to reprecinct
regularly. Boston doesn’t have to, and we haven’t done it for 80 years.
-It’s going to be possible this year in MA for the November election only. It’s
11 days before November election date. So starts Oct 24, 2016. Early Voting
is required by law at City Hall during business hours. Other cities can go
beyond that.
-Everyone is allowed to early vote.
-We will still have absentee voting with a reason.
-Early vote possible by mail.
- Electronic poll books or printed poll books?
- Central or precinct tabulation?
- Waiting for the State to release the regulations. For example
Early voting would require poll workers for 11 days. They would need
different training than typical poll workers which work for 1 day. This would
be like a third election, and costly.
- Early Voting
-You can find information about election data, election history on the
department website.- Voting Data
Dion Irish, Commissioner

CCEP Chinatown Education and Provider Plan
- Chinatown Community Educational Partnership
○ 2014 – CCEP partners presented their program offerings
○ 2015 – CCEP presented their demographic
- In 2014 TCC welcomed CCEP into our regular meetings by offering presentations:
○ Updating the CCEP flow chart, perhaps make it an online wiki
Present entrance requirements for the higher level programs, and how do
we get more people into these programs
○ Bring in student speakers, success stories.
○ More conversation groups, especially for the lower level classes.
○ Joint training for various staffs at our organizations
-Invite input at a TCC meeting to make best use of CCEP’s agenda item each
-CCEP members recently met to discuss how to best use our standing agenda item
at TCC. Richard reported on the results of that conversation.
-Can organizations share student tracking information so we can see how they
progress from organization to organization?
Richard Goldberg, Director of Education, Asian American Civic Association

Women, Infants, Children
Bet Har Wong-Chan
WIC is a government funded program to provide food to four groups of people:
pregnant people, post-partem, nursing moms, and children under 5.
Update, we can provide a special formula for free for women who can’t nurse. They
need to go through their pediatrician but it is available.
We have more dairy options now, including different types of yogurt.
We also have new whole grain options.
1. infant feeding classes – nursing, using formula.
2. how to calm down a crying baby- there are at least nine ways.
South Cove WIC offer two prenatal classes:
A new website in Chinese and English with informatino for pregant women, parents, or care takers.
Nutrition Education Online program – if kids are low risk, participants have to come at least once a year participants can come see a nutrition staff. But now, English speakers can fill out survey online and avoid that visit. Which is more convenient.
General reminder: grandparents are eligible for WIC if they are primary caretakers.
WIC came up with new dietary guidelines. We give them to pediatricians.
- 185% of federal government poverty guideline, which changes annually
○ free food via a debit card usable at markets.
○ Free nutrition counseling and education.
○ Referrals to medical and social services. E.g., food stamps.
- Benefits:
Call us, make an appointment, fill out appropriate forms on nutrition and health status.
○ Proof of income There are special cases. If someone is MassHealth standard, then they
automatically qualify
○ MA resident. Unlike Food Stamps, WIC does not ask participants about their residence status.

Minutes: November 2015 Meeting

Minutes for TCC Meeting from November 12, 2015

BCNC, 4th Floor. 9:30-11am

Attendees: Sherry Dong, Elizabeth Likovich, Chris Hill, Alexandra Ong, Maureen White, Shifu Wang, David Dower, Courtney Ho, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Annie Chin-Louie, Debbie Chen, Enoch Liao, Helen Chin-Schlichte, Lev McCarthy, Christopher Blackler, Kate Chang, Mark Liu, Kun Chang.


Minutes for TCC Meeting on November 12, 2015

I. “Graybar Project” Update. 345 Harrison Ave. – Elizabeth Likovich, UDR Associate

-         Development at former Graybar site

-          577 units

  • 25% studios
  • 50% 1 bedroom
  • 22% 2 bedroom
  • 3% 3 bedroom

-          20% affordable – 10% on-site, 10% off-site

  • Will be distributed evenly throughout the building

-          270 parking spaces – added parking to address South End resident concerns

-          About 150 feet in height

-          Public courtyard

-          33,500 sq feet of retail

  • 5% of retail space will be affordable and there will be an application process for that space

-          Retail ideas:

  • Pharmacy
  • Coffee store
  • Doggie daycare
  • Bank

-          Has demolished old Graybar building.  Will start construction in the spring.

II. ArtsEmerson Vision – David Dower, Artistic Director

-          4 performance spaces in the neighborhood

-          Want ArtsEmerson to reflect the diversity of Boston

-          Host Boston Asian American Arts Festival

-          Have three other upcoming Asian American performances planned

-          Community Engagement Tools

  • Ambassador Club
    • Take cohorts to watch arts throughout the year and learn about their experiences
  • Playreading Book Club
    • Meet artists, cast and read play
  • Cast parties

-          Want to include both amateur and professional in these spaces

-          Have community residency curators – community people curate based on their own relationships

-          Artists by contract need to do three community engagement activities

-          20% of seat tickets are available for community engagement partners at large venues

-          David Dower reachable at

III. Adult Education Update, Boston Chinese Evangelical Church – Enoch Liao, Pastor

-          BCEC background

  • Founded in 1961
  • Over 1200 in weekly attendance currently
  • Space in Newton and Chinese

-          Objectives for Community English Classes: Survival English, prepare citizenship interview, friendship and support, share love of God

-          2 semesters a year and summer phonics class

-          140+ students, 11 ESL classes, 2 citizenship classes

-          Bilingual classes in Cantonese and Mandarin.  One higher level English only class

-          Applications throughout the semester

-          Cost: $25/semester

-          Once a week, Saturday 9AM-12PM, 14 weeks

-          Students are promoted with the teachers every semester

IV. Announcements

-          Go Boston 2030 – Maureen White

  • Boston Transportation Planning Initiative
  • Saturday, November 14 12-2:30PM – Chinatown
    • Josiah Quincy Elementary School
    • Dialogue across neighborhoods
    • Childcare and translation available
  • Saturday, November 19 – Roslindale

-          Calling for Letters of Support for Chinatown Library

-          December 6 – Mayor’s Enchanted Trolley Tour

  • Mayor and Santa Claus meet and greet

-          Ribbon Cutting for One Greenway (66 Hudson St) on Tuesday November 17 @ 1:45 PM. Please RSVP to Christine Nguyen at, preferably by Friday, November 13, 2015. You will be able to view common areas but not any of the units.

Minutes: October 2015 Meeting

Minutes for TCC Meeting from October 8, 2015

BCNC, 4th Floor. 9:30-11am

Attendees: Mark Liu, Giles Li, Helen Chin Schlichte, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Courtney Ho, Barbara Rubel, Debbie Chen, Kate Chang, Helen Wong, Ling-Mei Wong, Lydia Lowe, Enoch Liao, Michael SooHoo, Angie Liou, Christopher Blackler, Richard Goldberg, Lori Sylvia, Shifu Wang, Mary Knasas, Huiling Chen, Julie Burros,

I. Boston Creates Community Vision Process: Julie Burros, the City’s Chief of Arts and Culture, gave an overview of the community engagement process known as Boston Creates to date.  The goal is to create a draft Arts and Culture plan for the City by June 2016, followed by the first round of implementation projects.

II. Just Cause Eviction Initiative: Mark Liu from the Chinese Progressive Association introduced the Just Cause Eviction campaign that CPA has been part of.  Currently, landlords do not have to provide a just cause for evicting tenants.  This law would offer more protection for tenants at risk of eviction and displacement.  CPA and other organizations are collecting signatures to support this law.

III. Adult Education Update – BEST Corp.: Lori Sylvia, Program Director from BEST Corp, provided an overview of BEST Corp’s free training programs for hospitality workers and workers interested in the hospitality industry.  Participants are mostly Boston residents, unemployed or underemployed.  Job placement rate for the housekeeping program is over 90% and participants generally see a significant increase in their wages.

IV. Announcements:

  • South Cove Manor recently hired a new Executive Director, Wendy Lee.
  • The Chinatown Library group has asked the City to fund a feasibility study for a library branch in the China Trade Center.
  • The annual Tufts Biosafety Committee will hold an open meeting on October 29 at 5:30 pm at 150 Harrison Avenue, Behrakis Auditorium Room 130.
  • BCNC will hold a civic engagement session for the planned Chinatown Arts and Cultural Center onOctober 21 at 6:15 PM at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School Cafeteria.


Minutes: September 2015 TCC Meeting

Meeting Notes

Parcel 12 Community Visioning – Debbie Chen, ACDC

-          Priority development site in Chinatown Masterplan

-          30,000 sq. ft

-          250 feet max height

-          Held 3 workshops in August

  • Discuss zoning, financing
  • Besides housing, what other uses would the community like?
  • Interactive building exercise

-          Build your parcel 12 vision – 9/15 3:30-5:30pm @ Chinatown Gate, 9/26 Oak Street Fair 11AM

-          Parcel 12 Community Visioning Meeting – 9/23 6:15PM @ Josiah Quincy School Cafeteria

ATASK CCEP Update on Adult Education – Cristina Ayala

-          Only domestic violence organization to serve the Asian American community in New England

-          Safe environment for clients, flexible schedule, free

-          Beginner levels

-          Twice a week, 3 hours a day

-          Many clients in the customer service industry, about half are employed

-          Average age in the 30s

-          Most from China, Vietnam, Cambodia

-          Using online tool from Education First

-          Funded privately

-          30 enrolled students through the calendar year