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Minutes: April 2015 TCC Meeting

The Chinatown Coalition

Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2015  9:30 AM

Present: Kerry McGowan, Angie Liou, Nicholas You, Enoch Liao, Kenny Wong, Dawn Sauma, Christopher Blackler, Huiling Chen, Courtney Ho, Helen Wong, Helen Chin Schlichte, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Christina Ayala, Kate Chang, Russell Fenton, Sherry Dong, Mark Liu, Ling Mei Wong, Richard Goldberg

Captain Kenny Fong, Boston Police Department, District A-1

- Kenny has served in police for 20 years. Been captain since April 2014.

- Prostitution has dropped in recent years. But some of those elements have been moved online and into massage parlors.

- Not much crime in Chinatown, especially compared to 10-15 years ago.

- What is an issue that takes significant amount of police resources for Chinatown? Homelessness and how that relates to drugs. We made over 3,000 arrests last year. We keep displacing drug dealers, but we’re also making the same arrests.

- Diversity stats: BPD has about 50 Asian officers. 18 of them assigned to A-1.

- How can Chinatown community members help? Call 911 if see anything. Join a local crime watch group. Donate to good organizations and avoid giving to panhandlers as they most often use money for drugs or alcohol.

Feel free to contact Captain Fong or others at BPD.


Adult Education Update: Kerry McGowan, Phillips Brook House Association (PBHA)

-          Student run, staff supported program.  PBHA is its own non-profit affiliated with Harvard University

-          ESL Classes

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings class
  • Saturday and Sunday classes
  • 200 learners
  • 5 levels, each level has two classes (One Mandarin, One Cantonese)

-          Citizenship

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • 200 learners
  • Curriculum mostly focused on 100 questions

-          Semester is 10 weeks

-          Most students middle aged and seniors

-          Open enrollment for classes.  To sign up, e-mail:


Minutes: January 2015 TCC Meeting

The Chinatown Coalition

Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2015         9:30 AM

Present: Mark Liu, Denny Ching, Pam Eddinger, Helen Wong, Marie Moy, Jennifer Ly, Giles Li, Richard Goldberg, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Angie Liou, Nuri Chandler-Smith, Kun Chang, Christopher Blackler, Enoch Liao, Sherry Dong, Fred Bennett, Terry Yin, Chutze Chou, Kate Chang

Denny Ching, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services Liaison for Chinatown/Leather District/Downtown Crossing, gave an overview of his duties and service areas as well as the new Neighborhood Walks initiative launched by the Mayor.  Besides addressing issues such as potholes and graffiti, Denny can also assist local businesses in navigating the City’s licensing, zoning and ISD regulations. Denny also serves as the citywide liaison for the Asian community.

Nuri Chandler-Smith of Bunker Hill Community College and Giles Li of BCNC gave a brief overview of the planned arts and cultural space collaboration that will be located at the community space at One Greenway.  The two organizations have obtained a planning grant from the Barr Foundation to conduct community engagement and planning for the programming and uses of the space in February and March 2015.  While BHCC and BCNC do not yet know how the 5,000 SF will be divided up, one of the goals of the plan is to provide performance and rehearsal space for small arts and cultural groups that often have difficulty finding appropriate space.

For the CCEP Adult Education segment, Richard Goldberg provided an overview of AACA’s adult English curriculums and workforce training programs.  Richard highlighted the high job placement and retention rates for the job training programs, and the high college retention rate for the English program.



Minutes: June 2014 TCC Meeting


Meeting Minutes, taken by Vivien Wu

Agenda Item 1: Cynthia Hau’s presentation on an example of community collaboration and research on Chinese elders

Cynthia, a Master’s student at Tufts for Public Health, worked with a group of 50 elders, who got a membership to the Wang YMCA and she did an applied learning experience study to see if the gym membership and a weekly social discussion session combined would result in statistically significant health gains.

She measured them before and after the 6 month intervention in the areas of Physical Health, Cognition, Nutritional Status, and Mental Health/Quality of Life

Her findings: statistical significance in less depression, more physical fitness (but not more strength), more cognition; and just barely missed out for statistical significance in more quality of life

She is going to present this at the American Public Health Association conference next year.

Dr. Carolyn Rubin of ADAPT also worked with and advised her.

Carolyn said, please note that “applied learning experience” students could be a great asset for working with community groups


Agenda Item 2: Elaine Ng’s presentation on the work she has been doing and insights she has gained so far from working for the Boston Public Schools

Gave update on budget (reasons why it is shrinking: even though Mayor Walsh committed more city money, state and federal money declined for FY15) and opinions about directing the advocacy for Chinatown’s engagement with education and the school system

Elaine’s analysis: Transportation, resources for Special Education students, and resources for English Language Learners; and the disparity between neighborhoods of condition of school facilities, are areas that are especially important for residents to know about and understand.


Agenda Item 3: Jesse Brackenbury’s presentation on RFK Greenway, especially Chinatown Park information & community updates

Overall: the park is state owned but operated by its own public private partnership, not by state or city employees, so that is why they need to fundraise. The park also is gardened with organic gardening techniques, such as compost tea for pesticide instead of “chemicals,” and it is like a roof garden, so its maintenance needs are unique.

Chinatown Park particularly: It was designed and created to accommodate large events and performances and the like.

How TCC members could engage: The park could get more events and programming put on it. Also the park is looking for diverse volunteers and members, to get involved in or learn about or use the park.

Dilemma how to preserve the plants and pathways vs the undesirable activities illegal activities; the park doesn’t want to cut away plants but at the same time this park in particular, more than any of the other parklets, gets a lot of shady activity happening there.

For more ideas about programming for the park, can also contact Helen Chin Schlichte or Vivien, they are Greenway board members who are also involved in TCC.


Agenda Item 4: 50 Herald Street Affordable Housing Competition Team

2 guest speakers, Judy from Affordable Housing Institute and Janele from Harvard Design School

They proposed that on the C-Mart 50 Herald St site, their vision for the site from community input and their own vision, is: put a garage and parking underground, keep a C-Mart on the ground floor, make townhouses and a courtyard on the site, and then a tower of 20 stories.

Key guiding principles: maximize affordability on the site, and have 3-bedroom units available for families.

Kate Chang asked, what was their most surprising learnings:

Judy said: that the CT community had not embraced the across the pike development yet

Janele said: that the community was willing to go as high / dense as 20 stories

One other theme of this presentation was: the zoning allowances for density and floor area ratio are important to consider as a parameter for development and affordability

Kate said: it’s good to hear outsiders’ perspectives on housing in Chinatown and Boston, for a fresh opinion that is not affected by internal or traditional opinions about how things have always gone with development


Agenda Item 5: Adult Education update by Joan Abbot of BEST Hospitality Training Corp.

Hospitality is a work industry where the union and BEST Corp can help deliver important services to enhance the quality of life of the worker, such as additional professional training and homebuyer assistance.

For example, the BEST Corp has a class on applying for citizenship, and a class on introducing people to foodservice industries so that they could move from housekeeping to food if desired.

There are several Chinese participants in the program.

It’s important that the jobs in this industry are “good jobs” with benefits, and upward possibilities.

Minutes: TCC May 8, 2014

Meeting of The Chinatown Coalition (TCC)
Thursday, May 8, 2014

Attendees: Norman Eng, Courtney Ho, Mary Knasas, Joan Abbot, Richard Goldberg, Helen Chin-Schlicthe , Barbara Rubel, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Sherry Dong, Ziyu Zhou, Nancy Lin, Kye Liang, Enoch Liao, Chloe Poon, May Lui, Megan Cheung, Angie Liou, Vivien Wu, Kate Chang

Meeting held at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
Notes taken by Enoch Liao, TCC Co-Chair


1. Introductions & Welcome

2. Resources for Small Businesses, overview of free services available from the US Small Business Administration, presented by Norman Eng, Economic Development Specialist.
• Hoping to see more AAPI small business owners tap into the available resources.
• For more information, go to

3. Development Update, presented by Mary Knasas, Senior Planner at Boston Redevelopment Authority
• Mary provided maps and updated information on numerous projects in and around Chinatown.
• TCC members asked questions and provided corrections/updates to the map Mary presented.
• For more information about Chinatown and other projects, go to

4. Adult Education Update: ACCESS (American Chinese Christian Educational & Social Services, Inc.)
• Richard Goldberg presented an overview of adult education offerings from ACCESS on behalf of Anna Fan, director of adult education at ACCESS.
• For more info, go to

5. South Cove Manor
• Pleased to report we had a great ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, April 22. Currently going through licensing review. Hope to move residents on May 18 or on June 1. Update by Helen Chin-Schlichte.
• Pilot Shuttle Program – to keep connected to the Chinatown community, SCM planning to operate pilot program for shuttle service between 120 Shawmut Ave, Boston and Quincy Point for $5 round trip.

6. WGBH’s AAPI Heritage Month Celebration, Thursday, May 22 at WGBH Studios.
For more info, go to

7. Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center currently accepting applications
… for adult education programs. These classes fill up, so apply soon. All classes are free.

8. Asthma Awareness Month activities at Tufts Medical Center during month of May.
Activities on Tuesday, May 13 from 3-5pm, and on Saturday, May 17 from 10am-12pm. Activities take place at Floating Hospital for Children.

9. Boston Shines
• Boston Shines running on May 20 from 8:30am to 12:30pm.
• Mayor Walsh coming to Elliot Norton Park to meet people and shake hands from 9:30-10am.

10. Best Corp class graduation on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 11:30am.

11. Ground breaking for Oxford Ping On project on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 11am.

Minutes: April 2014 TCC Meeting

Meeting of The Chinatown Coalition (TCC)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

(For PDF version, click here)

Attendees: Barbara Rubel, Jessie Zimmerer, Ayanna Pressley, Joan Abbot, Vivien Wu, Chutze Chou, Kun Chang, Nancy Liu, Ziyu Zhou, Sherry Dong, Carolyn Rubin, Jesse Brackenbury, Bet Har Wong-Chan, Shirley Mark, Helen Chin-Schlichte, Richard Goldberg, Mark Liu, Chloe Poon, Kate Chang, Enoch Liao.


Meeting held at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Notes taken by Enoch Liao, TCC Co-Chair


Meeting Minutes

 1.      Project Update: Tremont Village Rehabilitation by Angie Liou, Director of Real Estate, Asian Community Development Corporation

Presented update on much needed improvements to an affordable housing complex.


2.      Legislative Update by Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Councilor-At-Large

Councilor Pressley updated on various initiatives:

-          Working on Committee on Healthy Women, Families & Communities

-          Liquor license reform

-          Trauma support services

-          Sex & Health education for Boston Public Schools

-          Day of Empowerment for Survivors of Sexual Violence and Our Allies on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

-          For more information contact Councilor Pressley’s office at 617-635-4217


3.      Adult Education Update: Chinese Progressive Association

Pong Louie presented an overview of the ESL and citizenship classes. For more info see

4.      The Greenway Conservancy is Hiring

Jesse Brackenbury, the new Executive Director, announcement that they are hiring. See

 5.      South Cove Manor   

Pleased to announce that their new facility, the South Cover Manor Rehab Center Quincy Point is almost completed. Ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, April 22 @ 10am. Update by Helen Chin-Schlichte.

6.      WGBH’s AAPI Heritage Month Celebration. Save the date: May 22, 2014

7.      Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center currently accepting applications

… for adult education programs. These classes fill up, so apply soon. All classes are free.

8.      CPA’s 10th Annual Bike-A-Thon

Taking place on May 31, 2014 at 9am. See for more information.

Minutes: March 2014 TCC Meeting

Meeting of The Chinatown Coalition (TCC)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

(For PDF version, click here.)

Attendees: Sherry Dong, Enoch Liao, Judy Chan, Catalina Hwang, Angie Liou, Isabella Ziyu Zhou, Courtney Ho Ha, Barbara Rubel, Jasmine Lee, Carolyn Rubin, May Liu, Pianpian Wu, Kun Chang, Norm Eng, Ray Milano, Chloe Poon, Ceylon Auguste-Nelson, Shirley Mark, Helen Wong, Mark Liu, Blake Webber, Richard Goldbert, Aaron Michlewitz, Helen Chin-Schlichte.


Meeting held at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Notes taken by Enoch Liao, TCC Co-Chair


Meeting Minutes

 1.     Chinatown Kiosk Installation

Tufts University will install street level kiosks and building signage for the Tufts Health Sciences Campus. Update by Barbara Rubel, Community Relations, Tufts University.

2.     Chinatown Agenda of New Mayor

TCC has mailed a letter stating items on our agenda for the new mayor. TCC members discussed the contents of the letter for at least 3 previous meetings. We await a response from the Mayor’s Office. Update by TCC Exec.

3.     Adult Education Update: First Time Home Buyer’s Class (Asian CDC)

ACDC presented an overview of this adult education opportunity. This presentation was part of our ongoing partnership with the Chinatown Community Educational Partnership (CCEP) to inform Chinatown about the adult education resources available. Update by May Lui, ACDC.

4.     Introductions

We waited until Rep. Michlewitz was present before introductions so he could know who was in the room.

5.     Legislative Update: State Representative Aaron Michlewitz

Rep. Michlewitz updated about several legislative priorities this session:

1)    His work as Chair of the Public Service Committee, especially his work on closing a financial gap in our state pension budget.

2)    Jobs Training

3)    Bilingual ballots – this is his #1 legislative priority for the remainder of this term.

4)    Working with MassDOT to clean up the “Under the Stacks” area, near Albany street. Putting in parking, lighting and making this gateway between South Boston and South End more attractive and feel safer.

Other issues the legislature are prioritizing for the rest of this term:

1)    raising the minimum wage

2)    a gun bill

3)    election reform

6.     Sharewood Clinic

Free healthcare services by this organization made up of students and faculty from Tufts Medical and Dental schools.

Announcing a new free service: fluoride treatments for children under 18 years old.

See for more information. Update by Catalina Hwang, medical student at Tufts.

7.     South Cove Manor  

Pleased to announce that their new facility, the South Cover Manor Rehab Center Quincy Point is almost completed. Plan to begin moving residents in May. Thankful to Chinatown for their support. Update by Helen Chin-Schlichte.

8.     Symposium on Asian American health called “Together: Strengthening the Health of Chinatown”

Keynote speaker is Chau Trinh-Shevrin, DrPH. Also presentation on the Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health Project (CAFEH). Sponsored by many Chinatown agencies. Update by Shirley Mark for Carolyn Rubin.

Thursday, April 3 from 8:30am-1pm

9.     Community Engagement Meeting on affordable housing for 50 Herald Street

Community meeting sponsored by Asian CDC and a group of Harvard/Northeaster students. Update by Angie Liou, ACDC.

Monday, March 17 at 5:30pm @ The Metropolitan Community Room

TCC Meeting: October 13, 2011 notes

Notes from the TCC October 13 meeting:

1. Elliot Laffer, Executive Director of the Boston Groundwater Trust gave an overview and history of groundwater in Boston and how this affects communities in Chinatown, South End, Bay Village, and Beacon Hill. Many of these communities are land-fill and buildings are supported by wooden pilings. Overtime, groundwater levels drop and exposes the pilings. The exposed pilings combine with oxygen and bacteria may cause damage to the pilings. The Boston Groundwater Trust works with the City to ensure that groundwater levels are adequate and checks on the well system in the area. Presentation available here for download: Groundwater issues in Chinatown.

2. Jon Lenicheck, District Director, Office of Congressman Michael E. Capuano, talks about redistricting and how this impacts local communities. Redistricting occurs every decade to balance population representation at U.S. House of Representatives. While Massachusetts population grew the last decade, the state did not grow fast enough compared to other states. District lines will need to be redrawn. Hearings have been held throughout the year and the goal is complete the process by January 2012.

3. Holly St. Clair, Director of Data Services, Metropolitan Area Planning Council, presents Census 2010 data and the growth of the Asian population in Massachusetts and Chinatown. A copy of the presentation is available here: Census 2010 Asian Trends – MAPC

- Kensington groundbreaking Oct 14 2pm
- Parcel 24 Funding Announcement Oct 17 9am
- Beach Street closed due to falling debris from building facade. National Development will be at Chinatown Neighborhood Council Oct 17th 6pm to update community.
- Alice Leung introduced herself as new staff for Cultural Center. Ms. Leung is working on opening a reading room at Oak Terrace 888 Washington Street.

Meeting Notes: March 10, 2011

TCC Minutes
Thursday, March 11th, 2011
9:30 AM, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, 4th Floor

I. Refreshments, Welcome, and Introductions

II. Josiah Quincy Upper School, Peter B.F. Wong
• Quincy School is a K-12 school concept; 6th grade typically has 150 students, where ~80-90 students go to exam schools and the remaining ~60 stay.
• Instituted International Baccalaureate school at Josiah Quincy Upper School.
• Students earn equivalent of 32 college credits by 12th grade.
• Offering diploma program (11th/12th grade) for IB and presently a candidate for the middle years program
• IB program a key for federal grants for development of school on Church Street side

III. South Cove Manor, Richard Lui and Dick Wong
• Founded in 1985, 100 bed, 140 staff nursing facility that provides “culturally competent care” including observation of Chinese holidays, language competency
• Has had a very high rate of DPH Deficiency Free surveys for 15/16 years and five-star rated by US N&WR
• Seeking to expand to a 140 bed facility and looking at possible options. Site not identified, but expansion plans are constantly examined; unable to do remodel, as it would require a 1-year relocation. Expansion of current site unfeasible due to limitations of foundation pilings.
• Hosts monthly breakfast seminars for its residents, 70-85 in attendance each time
• Co-operated Mei Wah Village, a 40 unit elderly housing development, with Chinese Economic Development Council for 12 years

IV. Sharewood Clinics
• Provides free medical care, run by Tufts Medical School and the undergraduate school
• On Tuesday nights from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM at the First Church of Malden, 184 Pleasant Street, near Malden Center T-Stop
• Approximately 20 medical students, 10 undergraduate students, and a supervising doctor attend each session, servicing ~60 people per night with a high multilingual capacity
• Immersive experience for undergraduate students seeking a potential medical degree in the future

V. Asian American Civic Association: Adult Education
• Offering a free 15-week ESL course for intermediate level English ( SPL 4 for training to SPL 6) for those with a permanent resident card, work authorization, or U.S. citizenship.
• Contact Victoria Wong at (617) 426-9492 x251 or x318 or for more information

VI. Announcements, Updates, and Kaffeeklatsch

• March 19th, Chinese Folk Art Workshop is hosting a performance fundraiser for the Chinese Golden Age Center at 2:00 PM at the Virginia Wimberly Theater at 527 Tremont Street. For more information, visit
• Hong Lok House recently received linkage from Kensington Place. Will be proceeding on its development project soon
• The Chinese Historical Society of New England and the Boston Harborside Home of J.S. Waterman and Sons –Waring-Langone Funeral Home is offering two scholarships to high school seniors of Chinese ancestry entering a New England college in the fall of 2011 in the amount of $500 per year. For more information, contact or leave a message at (617) 338-4339.
• Veolia Energy (purchased Trigen) will be working on Tyler Street between Tuesday, April 19th to July 5th, 2011 on weekdays from 7 AM to 5 PM. For questions, please contact Veolia Energy’s Project Director, Tom Herlihy at (617) 482-8232.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 14th, 9:30 AM @ BCNC 4th floor Conference Room