This was a presentation given at the Chinatown Coalition (TCC) meeting on December 8th, 2011.  A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here: TCC overview and chinatown developments 2011.

2011 TCC Accomplishments and Coalition Overview
TCC was founded in 1991 as a member of the Healthy Boston coalition. Its mission is to serve as an information network and to improve the quality of life in Chinatown and Boston’s Asian community. The coalition is led by an 8-member executive committee with two co-chairs, secretary, treasurer, and at-large members. In 2011, TCC sponsored three projects, raised $126,050 through donations, grants and memberships dues, and increased its capacity by hiring 2 full-time staff and 1 consultant and expanded the executive committee by 60%.

2011 Chinatown Development Overview
• Chinatown Projects: 11
• Cost: $987,000,000
• Square Feet: 2,409,650 sq/ft
• Residential Units: 1,739
• Affordable Housing Units: 307
• Commercial,Office, Retail space: 38,700 sq/ft
• Hotel Rooms and Hostel Beds: 893
• Construction Jobs: 2,825
• Permanent Jobs: 377
• Open Space: 15,600 sq/ft
• Linkage funds: $33,550,000