Meeting of The Chinatown Coalition (TCC)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Attendees: Sherry Dong, Enoch Liao, Judy Chan, Catalina Hwang, Angie Liou, Isabella Ziyu Zhou, Courtney Ho Ha, Barbara Rubel, Jasmine Lee, Carolyn Rubin, May Liu, Pianpian Wu, Kun Chang, Norm Eng, Ray Milano, Chloe Poon, Ceylon Auguste-Nelson, Shirley Mark, Helen Wong, Mark Liu, Blake Webber, Richard Goldbert, Aaron Michlewitz, Helen Chin-Schlichte.


Meeting held at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Notes taken by Enoch Liao, TCC Co-Chair


Meeting Minutes

 1.     Chinatown Kiosk Installation

Tufts University will install street level kiosks and building signage for the Tufts Health Sciences Campus. Update by Barbara Rubel, Community Relations, Tufts University.

2.     Chinatown Agenda of New Mayor

TCC has mailed a letter stating items on our agenda for the new mayor. TCC members discussed the contents of the letter for at least 3 previous meetings. We await a response from the Mayor’s Office. Update by TCC Exec.

3.     Adult Education Update: First Time Home Buyer’s Class (Asian CDC)

ACDC presented an overview of this adult education opportunity. This presentation was part of our ongoing partnership with the Chinatown Community Educational Partnership (CCEP) to inform Chinatown about the adult education resources available. Update by May Lui, ACDC.

4.     Introductions

We waited until Rep. Michlewitz was present before introductions so he could know who was in the room.

5.     Legislative Update: State Representative Aaron Michlewitz

Rep. Michlewitz updated about several legislative priorities this session:

1)    His work as Chair of the Public Service Committee, especially his work on closing a financial gap in our state pension budget.

2)    Jobs Training

3)    Bilingual ballots – this is his #1 legislative priority for the remainder of this term.

4)    Working with MassDOT to clean up the “Under the Stacks” area, near Albany street. Putting in parking, lighting and making this gateway between South Boston and South End more attractive and feel safer.

Other issues the legislature are prioritizing for the rest of this term:

1)    raising the minimum wage

2)    a gun bill

3)    election reform

6.     Sharewood Clinic

Free healthcare services by this organization made up of students and faculty from Tufts Medical and Dental schools.

Announcing a new free service: fluoride treatments for children under 18 years old.

See for more information. Update by Catalina Hwang, medical student at Tufts.

7.     South Cove Manor  

Pleased to announce that their new facility, the South Cover Manor Rehab Center Quincy Point is almost completed. Plan to begin moving residents in May. Thankful to Chinatown for their support. Update by Helen Chin-Schlichte.

8.     Symposium on Asian American health called “Together: Strengthening the Health of Chinatown”

Keynote speaker is Chau Trinh-Shevrin, DrPH. Also presentation on the Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health Project (CAFEH). Sponsored by many Chinatown agencies. Update by Shirley Mark for Carolyn Rubin.

Thursday, April 3 from 8:30am-1pm

9.     Community Engagement Meeting on affordable housing for 50 Herald Street

Community meeting sponsored by Asian CDC and a group of Harvard/Northeaster students. Update by Angie Liou, ACDC.

Monday, March 17 at 5:30pm @ The Metropolitan Community Room