An update from our friends at South Cove Manor at Quincy Point

To all Families and Friends of South Cove Manor,

  During these unprecedented times, keeping people informed with accurate information is essential. I wanted to provide all of you with an update as to how South Cove Manor is working incredibly hard to keep our residents and staff safe.

  As of the writing of this letter, we have sent out 12 tests on residents that had shown signs or symptoms of Covid-19. Thankfully, 10 of those tests have come back negative, while 2 tests are still outstanding. At this point, we do not have any positive cases of the virus amongst our residents or staff members. Please rest assured that should this change, we will notify the entire South Cove Manor Family immediately.

  We receive constant guidance and updates form the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH). We follow the current guidance and regulations to the letter at all times. Some notable guidance that we are following:

  • No group Activities.
  • No communal dining; residents eat meals on individual tables, and are at least 6 feet apart
  • Staff members wear masks at all times while in the building.
  • Residents that show signs or symptoms of Covid-19 are immediately tested, and isolated until test results are received.
  • Consistent staff are assigned to care for residents, thereby limiting the number of interactions and potential exposures.
  • Access to the building is limited to the front door only.
  • All staff members are screened for signs or symptoms, including temperature checks, upon their arrival to the building.

  Another topic that I wanted to update everyone on is the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). I know the shortage of PPE has been widely publicized in the media, and while South Cove Manor is not immune to this shortage, we are in a much better situation than many healthcare facilities. The reason for that is due to many of YOU that are reading this letter. The community support we have received in the form of PPE donations has been nothing short of amazing. We have received close to 10,000 surgical masks from organizations, businesses, family members, and random, individual people – many of whom had no prior connection to South Cove Manor. These donations have allowed us to keep our staff and residents safe, and we are eternally grateful to all of you. In addition, we have received assistance from DPH when we’ve asked for it, including a supply of KN95 masks made possible by Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots. I want to say a special note of thanks to South Cove Community Health Center, who has always been a tremendous friend and resource to our organization, and especially during this crisis.

  Finally, I would be remiss in not recognizing our outstanding staff at South Cove. The vast majority of our staff have continued to provide the high level of care that we are known for. They come to work every day knowing that they play a vital role in protecting our residents from this virus, and we could not be more proud of the work that they do. We are doing everything we can to keep them safe, and we continue to provide special recognition and thank them whenever possible. We have received several questions from family members asking about ways that they could provide thank yous to our staff. We ask that if you would like to recognize our staff for the tremendous job they are doing, that you contact Li Chen our administrator, or Carrie Peck, our executive assistant about donations.

 Thank you all, and please stay safe.


 William J. Graves

President & CEO










  • ·     沒有小組活動。
  • ·     沒有公共用餐;院民在單獨的桌子上用餐,並且相距至少6英尺
  • ·     員工在大樓內時始終戴口罩。
  • ·     表現出Covid-19症狀或體徵的院民將立即接受測試,並隔離直到收到測試結果。
  • ·     分配了一致的工作人員照顧院民,從而限制了互動和潛在接觸的次數。
  • ·     進入大樓物僅限於前門。
  • ·     所有員工到達大樓後,都要進行體格檢查或症狀檢查,包括體溫檢查。


我想向所有人介紹的另一個主題是個人防護設備(PPE)的供應。我知道PPE的短缺已經在媒體上廣為宣傳,儘管中華頤養院無法倖免於這種短缺,但與許多醫療機構相比,我們的處境要好得多。原因是由於你們中的許多人正在閱讀這封信。我們通過個人防護裝備捐贈獲得驚人的社區支持。我們已經收到來自組織,企業,家庭成員以及隨機的個人的近10,000個口罩,其中許多人以前與中華頤養院沒有關係。這些捐款使我們能夠確保員工和院民的安全,我們永遠感謝你們所有人。此外,當我們需要DPH時,我們也提供了幫助,其中包括由Robert Kraft和New England Patriots提供的KN95口罩。我要特別感謝華人醫務中心,他一直是我們組織的寶貴朋友和資源,特別是在這次危機期間。


最後,如果我不承認我們在中華頤養院的出色員工,我會很失落。我們絕大部分的工作人員繼續提供眾所周知的高水平護理。他們每天上班,知道他們在保護我們的院民免受這種病毒的侵害中起著至關重要的作用,我們為他們所做的工作感到自豪。我們將盡一切努力確保他們的安全,我們將繼續給予特別的認可,並在可能的情況下感謝他們。我們已經收到來自家庭成員的幾個問題,詢問他們如何向我們的員工表示感謝。我們要求,如果您想認可我們的員工所做的巨大工作,請與我們的管理員Li Chen或我們的行政助理Carrie Peck聯繫有關捐款的事宜。