Chinatown Docs

Documents from the history of The Chinatown Coalition are available to view and download here. If you have any questions about these documents, please contact TCC.

Chinatown Master Plan 2000 (10MB, 103 pages)
December 2000
Agenda for a Sustainable Neighborhood, The Chinatown Initiative Boston

Chinatown Maps 2000 (2MB, 11 pages)
January 2000
A Publication of The Chinatown Initiative

Chinatown Community Assessment Report 1994 (5MB, 59 pages)
July 1994
TCC, Healthy Boston Initiative

Boston Chinatown Report 1990 (3MB, 33 pages)
August 1990
Michele Lew, Quincy School Community Council

Chinatown Survey Area, Land Use Report 1988 (2MB, 39 pages)
January 1988
Mary Bourguignon, BRA Policy Development and Research Department

Chinatown Planning Project 1971 (10MB, 139 pages)
A Pre-Conference Study, Chinese American Civic Association
Mark Hall, Frank Ling, Harvard Urban Field Service

Chinese in Boston 1970 (6MB, 111 pages)
Charles Sullivan and Kathlyn Hatch
Action for Boston Community Development